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Just sing will allow you to record yourself singing your favorite tracks
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Just sing is a program that will allow you to record yourself singing your favorite tracks. This program will play any song saved in any of your drives, while making a recording of your voice while you sing through a microphone connected to your computer.

You can use some effects to enhance your recording, such as delay, reverb, or bass reduction. The sound can be equalized using some of the presets included in the program, and you can choose in what way voice and music will mix in your recording. Just sing will let you filter the voices present in the original recording and replace them with your own voice. This interesting feature sometimes works fine, but sometimes it suppresses sounds that you would like to keep. During the recording, you will see a visual meter that will display the input level for both the source music and your voice - you can change the volume of each source independently.

Once you have recorded a theme, you can save it as a "Just sing project" (if you want to keep working on it) or export it as a WMA file.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It is free


  • It crashes very often
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